iCSC 2023

14th Inverted CERN School of Computing
March 6 – 9, 2023
Geneva, Switzerland

iCSC 2023 is a hybrid event – at CERN and on Zoom.

The 14th Inverted CERN School of Computing (iCSC 2023) consists of lectures and hands-on exercises presented over a few days by former CERN School of Computing students. The Inverted School provides a platform to share their knowledge by turning students into teachers.

Physics computing

  • The most beautiful line you can draw with Kalman filter

Data science and machine learning

  • Introduction to reinforcement learning
  • Graph Neural Networks: From fundamentals to Physics application
  • MLOps – Going from Good to Great
  • Can we trust Neural Networks?
    An overview of uncertainty quantification in deep learning

Performance tuning and accelerated computing

  • A simple introduction to accelerated computing
  • How a real-world C++ compiler works
  • Multiplatform programming with python
  • CPU Performance Profiling and Optimization of C++ and Python code

Computer science and engineering

  • Everything that can go wrong in a message passing system
  • Cloud & Containers – Everything you need to know
  • Authentication and Authorization for the WLCG
  • Quantum Computing