Welcome to the CERN School of Computing

The CERN School of Computing promotes advanced learning and knowledge exchange in scientific computing among young scientists and engineers involved in particle physics or other sciences. 

It is made up of 3 separate schools per year. Each school has a particular flavour and focus:

  • The Main School - which lasts two weeks and is a "summer university" providing a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, with an official CSC Diploma upon successful completion of the CSC exam;
  • The Inverted School - a series of one to three day lectures held at CERN;
  • The Thematic School - a one-week school where new advanced or experimental programmes are taught.

For more information on each individual school in 2017, see below.

Links for the 2016 Schools (including the CSC 2016 School at Mol) can be found in the 'Past Schools' tab in the main menu.

  • iCSC 2017

    Inverted school

    6 Mar - 8 Mar 2017

    Geneva | Switzerland

    Registrations open in 2017

  • CSC 2017

    Main school

    27 Aug - 9 Sep 2017

    Madrid | Spain

    Dates to be confirmed