Former team

CERN School of Computing was shaped over the years by many people: the lecturers, the local organisers, the advisory and programme committee members, the core organisers (the administrative manager, the technical manager and the director) – and last but not least, by students attending the schools!

The following persons were members of the CSC core organizing team.

Sebastian Lopienski

Sebastian Łopieński

Director 2016-2022

Joelma Tolomeo

Joelma Tolomeo

Administrative Manager 2017-2022

Nikos Kasioumis

Technical Manager 2015-2019

Catharine Noble

Administrative Manager 2016-2017

Alberto Pace

Alberto Pace

Director 2014-2016

Giuseppe Lo Presti

Technical Manager 2010-2015

Yasemin Hauser

Administrative Manager 2014-2015

Fabienne Baud-Lavigne

Administrative Manager 2006-2014

Antonis Voulgaridis

Technical Manager 2014

Francois Fluckiger

Director 2003-2013

Andreas Hirstius

Technical Manager 2006-2010

Jacqueline Turner

Administrative Manager 1994-2005

Pietro Martucci

Technical Manager 2001-2005

Fabrizio Gagliardi

Director 2001-2002

Carlo Vandoni

Director 1995-2000

Francois Etienne

Director 1995

K. Szego

Director 1994

Rinus Verkerk

Director 1984-1994

Ingrid Barnett

Administrative Manager 1972-1993

Sandro Centro

Director 1992

Jacques Lemonne

Director 1990

A. Putzer

Director 1989

Paul Jeffreys

Director 1988

Gaspar Barreira

Director 1987

W. Hoogland

Director 1986

Bernard Levrat

Director 1982

George Philokyprou

Director 1980

Vasilii Zacharov

Director 1980

Roman Zelazny

Director 1978

J. Ganouna

Director 1976

G.R. Macleod

Director 1974-1976

E. Lillestol

Director 1974

H. Pietschumann

Director 1972