tCSC 2024

14th Thematic CERN School of Computing
9 – 15 June 2024
Belgrade, Serbia

The 14th Thematic CERN School of Computing (tCSC 2024) will take place on 9-15 June 2024. The academic programme will focus on Scientific Software for Heterogeneous Architectures, covering areas ranging from computer architectures to parallel and optimised software, and heterogeneous programming (CPU, GPU, HPC …).

This school is organized by CERN in collaboration with the Information Technology School (ITS), situated at the Comtrade Campus in Belgrade, Serbia. CSC students will have access to modern lecture rooms, labs and a sports hall as well as restaurants and cafeterias. The campus is situated in the new Belgrade area by the Danube river, only a short busride from the old city center of Belgrade.

More details and registration are available in indico.

Technologies and Platforms

  • Introduction to efficient computing
  • Hardware evolution and heterogeneity
  • Data-oriented design
  • Summary and future technologies overview

Parallel and Optimised Scientific Software

  • Writing parallel software
  • Modern programming languages for HEP
  • Optimizing existing large codebase
  • Practical vectorization

Programming for Heterogeneous Architectures

  • Scientific computing on heterogeneous architectures
  • Programming for GPUs
  • Performant programming for GPUs
  • Design patterns and best practices

Additional lectures

  • Preparing for the HL-LHC computational challenge
  • Student presentations session

The School is aimed at postgraduate (minimum bachelor degree or equivalent) students, engineers and scientists with few years experience in particle physics, computing or related fields. We welcome applicants of all nationalities and encourage all qualified persons to apply. Limited financial support may be available.