Student says

tCSC 2018, CSC 2017

“I have applied to the CERN School of Computing in 2017 as a physics PhD student, following the advice of my supervisor.

I was sure I am going to learn a lot but I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about the social aspects, so 2 weeks seemed long to me. However, it turned out to be one of the best experiences I had during my PhD. I have learned so much during the 2 weeks of intense lectures and hands on exercises. Because of the final exam that we had to take it took it to another level and I was really able to acquire new skills that proved to be useful in my scientific career.

And I was so wrong about the social aspects! The other participants, as well as the organisation team were amazing. I have met a lot of new friends and enjoyed exploring Madrid with them. To this day I have several good friends from that school and I have also met some brilliant scientists that I was able to collaborate with.

I sincerely suggest you to apply to this school because I think it is a perfect mix of hard work and pleasure.”

Student says

Stefanie Kirschenmann

Helsinki Institute of Physics

CSC 2019

“The CSC was an amazing and valuable experience for me and I am extremely happy that I was able to participate in this extraordinary school.

During the two weeks, a diversity of interesting and difficult topics were covered, contributing to a marvelous, but tightly packed, program. This made the program also quite demanding, which is why it was vital to have such a wonderful group of teachers and fellow students.

I very much enjoyed the warm atmosphere in this international and multicultural environment and started friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

Many thanks to the great organizers, teachers and the entire CSC 2019 group!”

Student says

Lorena Lobato Pardavila

Fermilab, Scientific Data Services

iCSC 2017, tCSC 2016, CSC 2013

“I am proud of saying I’ve participated in the three types (CSC, tCSC and iCSC) and I had an amazing experience in each of them.

I could broaden my knowledge in Physics Computing, Software Engineering, and Data Technologies, learning from great experts in the fields.

Moreover, being surrounded by international people from different scientific centers who became good friends afterward, made CSC one of the best useful, great, and fulfilling schools I ever had the opportunity to attend.”

Student says

CSC 2019, tCSC 2019

“The CERN School of Computing was an important step towards understanding how physicists and software engineers can productively grow as a team.

With excellent organisers and professors, the lectures were up to date, engaging as well as practically significant.

I personally loved the experience of having intellectually stimulating conversations with all the experts and getting relevant feedback on current trends in research.”

Student says

CSC 2018

“Taking part in the CERN School of Computing had been for me the opportunity to investigate and explore new areas as well as sharpen my knowledge of topics I was already acquainted with in a very nice and friendly atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the multicultural environment and the possibility of exchanges with domain experts.”

Student says

CSC 2019

“I was amazed by the quality of lectures and hands-on exercises given by experts and tutors at the CSC, and even more impressed by the amount of team-building events and outdoor day trips.

The informal atmosphere and the friendliness of lecturers makes that students can benefit most from the school.

If you are a young scientist in physics or an engineer in computer science, do not hesitate to apply!”