Since the early 1970's, CERN has organised the CERN School of Computing. The aim is to promote advanced learning and knowledge exchange in scientific computing among young scientists and engineers involved in particle physics or other sciences. 

The Main School

  • Two weeks, ~ 60 participants
  • Multiple topics on scientific computing.

The Thematic school

  • Goes more in depth on a particular topic
  • Shorter duration: one week (5 days of tuition)
  • Smaller participation, clear goals

The Inverted school

In the main school, the cumulated knowledge of the students exceeds the one of lecturers. It is frequent to find among students real experts on particular topics.

At the end of each school, we call students present to make proposals. When we receive sufficient/enough proposals of appropriate quality, we organize an inverted school. “Where students turn into teachers”

The CSC Academic Program

Audited every year by external universities in partnership with an University

  • 2016: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • 2015: Trace Institute of Technology
  • 2014: University of Minho

Final examination and diploma

The partner university is engaged by delivering ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System ) certificates.

Credit is recognized in Europe for any PhD and Master program. 

The participants

Participants are young, diverse, come from many countries, from different institutes … without exception they all have an incredible potential and a passion for both computing and science.

They work together two weeks, not only to widen their skills, but also to establish life-long links between themselves and research institutes across the world that will be useful throughout their entire career.

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