Thematic School

The thematic CSC is a one-week school where new advanced or experimental programmes are taught.


The Thematic School welcomes newcomers and former participants interested in deepening their knowledge on state-of-the-art computing. As the Thematic School is very popular and there are a limited number of places, all applications go through a selection process.

The ideal students for the Thematic School are from either a computing or science background, with a strong interest in developing applications to solve particularly demanding and complex scientific computing problems.


While shorter and more focused than the main CSCs, the  tCSC maintains the same principles:

  • Academic dimension on advanced topics
  • Theory and practice
  • Networking and socialising

As with the other CSC schools, the scientific programme of the school is under the supervision of the CSC Advisory committee


It usually takes place around the end of May/early June.


Type: Thematic school
Edition Website Datessort ascending Town Country Themes Type
8 tCSC 2020 Jun 2020 Split Croatia Thematic school
7 tCSC 2019 May 2019 Split Croatia Thematic school
6 tCSC 2018 Jun 2018 Split Croatia High Throughput Distributed Processing of Future HEP Data Thematic school
5 tCSC 2017 Jun 2017 Split Croatia Efficient Parallel Processing of Future Scientific Data Thematic school
4 tCSC 2016 May 2016 Split Croatia Efficient and Parallel Processing of Scientific Data Thematic school
3 tCSC 2015 May 2015 Split Croatia Efficient, Parallel Programming and I/O for Big Data in Science Thematic school
2 tCSC 2014 Jun 2014 Split Croatia Future high-throughput scientific computing Thematic school
1 tCSC 2013 Jun 2013 Split Croatia Mastering State of the Art Computing Thematic school
Type: Special school
Edition Website Datessort ascending Town Country Themes Type
1 school@chep06 Feb 2006 Mumbai India Fundamentals of Grid Technologies
Cryptography and Security Protocols
Fundamentals of Networking QoS
Computer Security, From Theory to Implementation
Pragmatic Software Engineering
Working with databases and database-centric interfaces
Special school

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