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This page gives you access to the CSC Alumni database. It contains more than 3500 names and nearly 40 years of history !

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CSC Alumni database

School First Last Affiliation Country Role
1970 Maria Crescenti University of Padova Italy ST
1970 M. Cresti Universita di Padova Italy AC
1970 Adreas De Groot Zeeman Lab The Netherlands ST
1970 Alain Desrousseaux Institut De Sciences Nucleaires Informatique - Grenoble France ST
1970 Antonio Di Leva University of Torino Italy ST
1970 A. Donnachie Manchester University United Kingdom AC
1970 Peter Dubock University of Southampton United Kingdom ST
1970 J.J. Duby IBM Corporation Switzerland LE
1970 Max Engeli Fides Union Fiduciare Switzerland LE
1970 Claude Frank CEN Saclay France ST
1970 Anton Fröhlich Instutut für Hochenergiephysik Austria ST
1970 Donald Gibson IBM Corporation United States of America LE
1970 Udo Gorsch CERN Switzerland ST
1970 D. Harting Amsterdam The Netherlands AC
1970 Karl-Heinz Hauer Insitut für Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik Germany ST
1970 F. Hertweck Munich Germany AC
1970 Louis Hertzberger Zeeman Lab The Netherlands ST
1970 Geerd Hoffman Zentrum für Experimentelle Kernphysik Germany ST
1970 Klaus Horn Institut für Experimentelle Kerphysik Germany ST
1970 Jane Jacobsen University of Bergen Norway ST
1970 Fred James CERN Switzerland LE
1970 Werner Joho SIN Switzerland ST
1970 Yves Jongen University of Louvain Belgium ST
1970 Peter Karow DESY Hamburg Germany ST
1970 Harald Kemen University of Bonn Germany ST
1970 P. Kirsten London United Kingdom AC
1970 Vladislav Kotov JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Dubna Russia ST
1970 Lew Kowarski CERN Switzerland LE
1970 Pedro Ladron De Guevara Junta de Energia Nuclear Spain ST
1970 Jacques Leblanc College de France France ST
1970 Bernard Levrat IICE Switzerland LE/AC
1970 Kjell Lugner Lund University Sweden ST
1970 G.R. Macleod CERN Switzerland AC
1970 Mario Mazzanti University of Milano Italy ST
1970 Bill Miller Stanford University United States of America LE
1970 Gerhard Mordak Instutut für Hochenergiephysik Germany ST
1970 Alan Norton CERN Switzerland ST
1970 John Ogilvie CERN Switzerland ST
1970 George Papakonstantinou NRC Demokritos Greece ST
1970 Brian Penney Imperial College of Science and Technology United Kingdom ST
1970 Rosalie Pocock CERN Switzerland ST
1970 Charles Porte CEN Saclay France ST
1970 Jacques Postel Institut de Physique Nuclearies France ST
1970 William Purvis University College of North Wales United Kingdom ST
1970 Maria Reineri Centro di Calcolo di Torino Italy ST
1970 Claude Revillard CCI Switzerland ST
1970 Marie-José Robert Institut de Physique Nuclearies France ST
1970 Roland Rosner RAL - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory United Kingdom ST
1970 Gerhard Rudolf CCI Switzerland ST
1970 Silvani Sala Instutito de Fiscina Italy ST
1970 Per Scharff-Hansen CERN Switzerland ST
1970 Dirk Jacob Schotanus University of Nijmegen The Netherlands ST
1970 Mario Scire University of Messina Italy ST
1970 Christian Serre CERN Switzerland ST
1970 Stuart Sharrock University College London United Kingdom ST
1970 Ian Smith Daresbury Laboratory United Kingdom ST
1970 Patric Sparrman Umea University Sweden ST
1970 E.W.D. Steel CERN Switzerland AC
1970 Claus Stolze III Physikalisches Institut der Aachen Germany ST
1970 C. Strachey Oxford University United Kingdom AC
1970 Timothy Streater CERN Switzerland ST
1970 John String Westfield College United Kingdom ST
1970 Uno Svedin University of Stockholm Sweden ST
1970 Terence Swetman Free School Lane United Kingdom ST
1970 Panagiotis Thecharopoulos University of Athens Greece ST
1970 Vincenzo Valente INFN - Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Italy ST
1970 Paul Van Bist University of Brussels Belgium ST
1970 Jean-Pierre Vialle LAL - Laboratoire de laccélérateur linéaire - Orsay France ST
1970 P. Villemoes CERN Switzerland LE/AC
1970 Gilbert Vuilleumier Lab de Physique Nucleaire Switzerland ST
1970 W. Wójcik Intitute of experimantal physics Poland ST
1970 Vasilii Zacharov Daresbury Laboratory United Kingdom LE


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