Welcome to the CERN School of Computing

The upcoming schools are:

  • The inverted iCSC 2015 in scheduled for 23-24 February 2015 (Sumbission of proposal for lectures is now open)
  • Thematic tCSC 2015 in Spring 2015 (Event, programme and location to be confirmed in November 2014)
  • The Main CSC 2015 main school that will be held in Kavala, Greece from Sep 14 to Sep 25, 2015 (registration will open in Feb 2015)


Upcoming Schools

Type Website Datessort descending Location Links Registration
iCSC 2015 23 Feb to 24 Feb 2015 CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Web site
Registration will open January 2015
tCSC 2015 17 May to 23 May 2015 University of Split (FESB), Split, Croatia CSC Live
Web site
Photo Gallery
Registration will open December 2014
CSC 2015 14 Sep to 25 Sep 2015 Kavala Institute of Technology, Kavala, Greece Registration will open February 2015