The CERN School of Computing is organized around three units:

  • The CSC Central Management Unit
  • The CSC Advisory Committee
  • The Local Organizing committee

The respective role of the three organizational units are:

The CSC Central Management Unit is composed of CERN personnel and ensures the overall coordination, resource management, liaison with the Advisory Committee and the Local Organizing Committee. It comprises:

  • The CSC Director, overseeing the overall activities of the school, including the country and site selection, programme consolidation, the student selection process, budget planning, proceedings and site selection. 
  • The CSC Administrative Manager, in charge of the student registration, the publicity, the liaison with the students, lecturers, sub-contractors, the proceedings, as well as the on-site relations with the students and the hotel. 
  • The CSC Technical Manager, collecting the technical requirements from lecturers for the practical sessions, designing – in collaboration with the Local Organizing Committee - the system to be deployed on site (on-site networks, external connections, end systems, servers, operating system environment, applications software) and organizing the execution of the technical plan in collaboration with the organizing committee. Some specifications of the technical infrastructure requires are here.

The name of the persons managing the school can be seen in the "contact" page of the CSC web site

The CSC Advisory Committee is formed of international scientists and computer experts from within and outside CERN and chaired by an external high level scientist. The Advisory Committee is in effect formed of active contributors to the school: It comprises Theme Coordinators, member(s) appointed for special functions (e.g. school examination), and the members of  CSC Central Management Unit. The Head of the CERN Information Technology Department, as well as the Chairman of the  Local Organizing Committee for the current school are ex-officio members of the committee. The current chairman and all members of the CSC Advisory Committee can also be seen in the "contact" page of the CSC web site. 

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is formed of physicists and computer scientists, administrative and support staff from the local institute. The local institute is the academic organization (usually a university department or a laboratory) which is teamed with CERN to organize a particular school in a given country. The local organizing committee is in charge of the local logistics, and for proposing housing and meals, social events. It provides the liaison with the local authorities, the local secretariat and  the computer and networking equipment needed.

The LOC also arranges for providing European Credits Certificates (ECTS credits) (or their national equivalent) to participants who successfully passed the examination. A detailed description of the role of the LOC is available here

The current chairman and all members of the Local Organising Committee can also be seen in the web site specific to each school. 

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