CSC Advisory Committee

The CSC Advisory Committee is formed of international scientists and computer experts from within and outside CERN and chaired by an external high level scientist.

The Advisory Committee is in effect formed of active contributors to the school: It comprises Theme Coordinators, member(s) appointed for special functions (e.g. school examination), and the members of CSC Central Management Unit. The Head of the CERN Information Technology Department, as well as the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for the current school are ex-officio members of the committee. The current composition of the CSC Advisory Committee is displayed below.

Advisory Committee

Ivica Puljak, University of Split (FESB) Chairman of the CSC Advisory Committe
Frederic Hemmer, CERN Head of the CERN IT Department (ex officio)
Sebastian Łopieński, CERN School Director
Joelma Tolomeo, CERN School Administration Manager
Jarek Polok , CERN School Technical Manager
Agnieszka Dziurda, Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFJ PAN) Programme Committee Member
Arnulf Quadt, Universität Göttingen Programme Committee Member
Pere Mato, CERN Programme Committee Member
Alberto Pace, CERN Programme Committee Member
Danilo Piparo, CERN Programme Committee Member
Are Strandlie, Gjøvik University Programme Committee Member

Local Organising Committee

Agnieszka Dziurda, Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFJ PAN) CSC 2020, Committee Chairperson
Tomasz Szumlak, AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH) CSC 2020, Committee Chairperson

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