CSC 2016 Live

10 Sep

Alberto Pace

School final video

Here is the link to the School final video that was shown at the closing ceremony.

9 Sep

Alberto Pace

CSC 2016 award for best marks / Champions / Gold medals

This year, 2 students passed the exam with the score of 34/35. This is a particlularly outsdanding result and please congratulate:

CASALEGNO, Francesco
LIN, Fahui

Alberto Pace, School director.

9 Sep

Alberto Pace

Special Distinction

This year a total of 7 students have received the CSC special distinction as they passed the exam with a particularly high score.

2 students passed the exam with only 2 errors, with a score of 33 / 35. Congratulations to: 


5 students passed the exam with a score of 32/35.Congratulations to: 

BITZES, Georgios
PRIM, Markus
SOARES MACHADO, Joana Catarina

Alberto Pace, School director

9 Sep

Nikos Kasioumis

School evaluation questionnaire

It is available in the indico site

You must login, but the results are anonymous. Note that you will be able to submit the form once.

Please fill it before Monday 12 September at 23:59

9 Sep

Alberto Pace

Why was the phone sticked to the fan ?

Here is the short movie that explains why we had a wet phone sticked to the fan in the school secretariat...


File 2016-08-29-mol-csc-phone-problem1.mp4
9 Sep

Alberto Pace

Exam result:

47 students passed the final exam of the CERN School of Computing:

Andreas Alexopoulos
Frank Berghaus
Nicolò Biesuz
Georgios Bitzes
Pascal Boeschoten
Eric Borenstein
Francesco Casalegno
Shao-Ting Cheng
Vincenzo De Notaris
Adriano Di Florio
Ben Folsom
Ramon Garcia Vela Cenal
Adam Glos
Johannes Grossmann
Joona Juhani Havukainen
Daniel Fernandez Rodriguez
Helga Holmestad
Gabrielle Hugo
Katja Karppinen
Edgar Kellermann
Nikolaos Kokkinis Ntrenis
Nefeli Iliana Kousi
Aurelien Gounon
Fahui Lin
Jared David Little
Matic Lubej
Liana Delia Lupsa
Eamonn James Maguire
Stefanos Laskaridis
Emily (Millie) McDonald
Victor Mikhalev
Miha Muskinja
Antonio Nappi
Mateusz Ostaszewski
Luca Pagani
Ionut Lucian Pestritu
Marko Petric
Elias Pree
Markus Prim
Sebastian Pulido
Emil Rofors
Merlijn Sebrechts
Joana Catarina Soares Machado
Marios Theodoropoulos
Are Traeet
Broen van Besien
Valentin Volkl

My warmest congratulation to all,

Alberto Pace, School director.

9 Sep

Alberto Pace

CSC Football Match

Latest news: The Grey team beats the Red team 7-2 after 90 minutes of match.

Thanks to the 39 participants and the 5 Pom-Pom boys 

6 Sep

Catharine Noble

Photos are in! Good work, people :)


Image icon 20160906-cern-computing-summer-schoolsmiley.JPG, Image icon 20160906-cern-computing-summer-schoolpointy.JPG
6 Sep

Catharine Noble

Traditional CSC Football Match

Even if you have never played  football before, don't think you're very good, or maybe consider yourself the new Lionel Messi (or Ronaldo...), the CSC football match is a legendary clash of titans and titanettes.

Alternatively you can be a pom-pom-person and support the might heros by waving an attractive silver or blue pom-pom.

The football match takes place on Thursday after the CSC Diploma/ECTS exam, so what better way to burn off some nervous energy?

Fill out the survey now to reserve a place with the ball, or a place with a pom-pom!

5 Sep

Catharine Noble

Gert van den Eynde "Can you count on your computer?"

Gert's slides from his presentation last Thursday are now available on Indico.


2 Sep

Catharine Noble

Saturday bike rentals

The key to your rental bikes is now available. Pass by the Secretariat and see Marleen for the key.

Your bike is parked at the bike shed.

You can keep the bike until 9am Monday morning - please return the key no later than then.

2 Sep

Catharine Noble

Sunday Antwerp excursion

Information on Antwerp excursion is in your welcome bag.

  • Guided tour in the morning
  • Lunch on the Pancake Boat (picnic + all-you-can-eat pancakes)
  • Free afternoon
  • Dinner at

Select your guided tour option by 10:30am Saturday

Information on the tours is at

1 Sep

Catharine Noble

Thursday Special Sports

Everyone (except the DoNothing folks) - meet in front of Lakehouse at 13:55

Canoeists and Hikers - bus leaves at 14:00

Bikers - collect bikes at 14:00 from Lakehouse bikeshed (Marleen will show you)

Emergency numbers

Note that Cath, Alberto and Marleen will be difficult to reach during the Special Sports, so if you need help please contact:

Griet: 00 32 478 31 97 56

Martine: 00 32 478 54 86 56



If you have diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies (eg. requiring EpiPen), any medical conditions which may limit your mobility.
If you cannot swim, are uncomfortable with water, or afraid of capsizing.

Tell Cath BEFORE we get on the water

It won’t stop you taking part, it’s just to help you faster if we know what’s likely to be the problem…


You will need:

  • Your ‘canoeing’ clothes
    • T-shirt (+ another layer), shorts, light windproof jacket, shoes that will get wet
    • A towel
  • A bag
    • This is to contain your towel and your dry, warm clothes for afterwards
    • This bag will be brought by car to the get-out point for you
  • A little bit of cash for a drink/pancake (EUR 10 or so)


You can take some water or soft drink from the Secretariat.

Map of Prinsenpark will be provided on the bus.

Bus will collect you at 17:30


Marleen has prepared two 40km routes if you wish to join her on one. She has maps printed for you, for both routes.

If you wish to do your own route, see

Independent bikers, please aim to be back by 18:00


Starts at 19:15 at the Lakehouse

1 Sep

Catharine Noble


You may be starting to wonder at this point of the week why you didn't bring more clean clothes. But don't worry, there are 2 laundry facilities.

Dormitory 202, ground floor

Washing machine & dryer

Buy your tokens from the Secretariat:

  • EUR 2 = 4 tokens & washing powder
  • EUR 0.5 = 1 token, 30 mins dryer

Villa 261

Washing machine only, Washing powder is available there, for free.

Arrange with the villa residents about your laundry slot. See the Room Allocation list on the board outside the Secretariat.

31 Aug

Catharine Noble

Biking routes nearby

Mol and the surrounding area has a highly active and long-established road cycling culture. There are a huge variety of routes that can be followed, through extremely pleasant surroundings.

You can create your own Route Planner using the numbered cycle networks: You can draw out, select and download maps in several ways according to your preference.

One local route you can try is the Postel Abbey tour - see pdf attached. The lake of the Lakehouse is on the bottom left corner of the map, next to Miramar, so you can access the route at signpost #73. The Abbey at Postel makes beer and cheese (should you wish to sample...)


PDF icon rondomabdijpostelcompressed.pdf
29 Aug

Catharine Noble

Thursday 1 September -  Special Sport Afternoon

Please choose your sport activity for Thursday afternoon by Monday night 23h00:

Canoeing... Biking... Hiking...Farniente...

29 Aug

Catharine Noble

Socket adapters

Finding your plug/socket adapter (if you remembered/needed one) isn't quite fitting?

We have at the Secretariat some adapters for Belgian sockets, for US, UK, CH etc plugs.

To use one, a deposit of EUR 12 will be required (just in case you 'forget' to bring it back).


28 Aug

Catharine Noble


... is at 7:30am


Mondays 29 August only, sessions start at 8:45am

Tuesday 30 August onwards, sessions starts at 8:30am


28 Aug

Catharine Noble

Food on Sunday 28 August - arrival day

Some sandwiches and light snacks will be available in the Lakehouse from 3pm onwards.

Evening meal

Our first dinner of the CSC2016 will take place at the Lakehouse at 7pm in the restaurant.

28 Aug

Catharine Noble


Taxis in Mol must be reserved in advance otherwise you may wait for hours...

It's about EUR 25 one way to Mol, 8 people max in a vehicle.

24 Aug

Alberto Pace

Welcome to Mol, welcome to CSC2016 !

The school in Belgium is only few days from the beginning and we have now a full and complete school ready to start.

I am looking forward to meet you in Mol in only a few days.

Alberto Pace, School Director

23 Aug

Catharine Noble

We have created an email group for everyone - organisers, students, lecturers - to contact each other informally before, during and after the school. Whether you want to organise a group swim/splash-around, find some running buddies, see who’s going to the bar (yes, there is an onsite bar…), compare lecture notes - this is what the mailing list is for.

The email group is csc-2016-forum

It is a closed group only open to people involved in CSC2016. Currently all CSC2016 students are on it by default - and those people are:

Lecturers and Organisers can subscribe if they wish.*

You can unsubscribe (and (re)inscribe) at any time! It is ready to use now.

* To subscribe/unsubscribe go to and search for csc-2016-forum

23 Aug

Catharine Noble

Virtual Machine installation

During the CERN School of Computing 2016 you will be required to use your own laptop to run the exercises. You will need to install Oracle VM VirtualBox and load the CSC2016 Virtual Machine. Please download and set up the CSC2016 Virtual Machine before coming to the school! Here is how:

  1. - Download and install VirtualBox version 5.0.26 for your platform. You may also want to install the Extension Pack for version 5.0.26.
  2. - Download the CSC2016 Virtual Machine: CSC2016.ova  (2.6 GB)
  3. - Import the CSC2016 Virtual Machine in VirtualBox (File --> Import Import Appliance) and start it.
  4. - Log in using your credentials (sent to you by email).

To find out the minimum requirements for your laptop and other useful information please have a look at the documentation and remember to download and set up the CSC2016 Virtual Machine before coming to the school!


For anything to do with the VM installation, more info, lost credentials etc, contact Nikos (our technical manager) on nikos.kasioumis

23 Aug

Catharine Noble


Hello everyone, and a warm "pre-welcome" to this year's CERN School of Computing 2016, held at SCK-CEN in Mol, Belgium. The School starts in a few days, and we're very much looking forward to meeting you!

CSC Live is the live blog by the organisers (Alberto, Nikos, Cath and Marleen (VUB)) to provide you with the latest information about events, changes, and anything that we feel you should know during the School.

You will have all received your 'Essentials' information, as well as VM installation and credentials. Some reminders will be posted here on CSC Live in the run-up to the School.

We'll also be holding Morning Briefings everyday to keep you up-to-date, then post the briefing information here too.


  • Alberto Pace (director)                                       + 41 75 411 3863
  • Cath Noble (administrator)                                 + 41 75 411 1827
  • Nikos Kasioumis (technical)                               + 41 75 411 8170
  • Marleen Goeman (VUB + local organiser):        + 32 498 66 21 44

Email ...

For all administrative/practical matters contact Cath on

For all technical matters (eg VM, network etc) contact Nikos on Nikos.Kasioumis

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